Learn about the essential oils we use at Yarrow Valley Essentials

We use a variety of essential oils in our products, from bath soaks to rollers, each chosen specifically for their unique properties and benefits. Learn more about the essential oils that are in our products below and choose the self care items that are best suited for your personal needs!


Soothing and relaxing, lavender has been used to calm both the body and the mind for thousands of years. A sleep ritual or routine utilizing lavender essential oil can be very beneficial to someone suffering from insomnia. In general, lavender has a gentle, calming quality, which makes it perfect for use in a high stress situation. Preliminary studies are exploring the impact of lavender on anxiety as well as sleep disorders.

A bonus topical benefit of lavender essential oil is that it can take the itch out of a bug bite because it can soothe irritated skin. Lavender is also believed to have anti-fungal and antibacterial attributes. You can apply lavender essential oil directly to the skin or, to employ it in a bedtime ritual, add it to your nighttime bath. 

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Bright and cheerful, lemon essential oil is a great one to use to lift your mood, and give you an energy post. Lemon is also a scent commonly used in cleaning products because of its fresh and cleansing properties. Lemon is a perfect essential oil to use in a morning routine or ritual, or can be applied throughout the day for a boost of needed energy.

It is believed that lemon essential oil can help to clear and brighten skin. It can even be added to soap to help wash away lingering grease or oil. As with other citrus oils, it may cause sensitivity if applied topically before direct and extended sun exposure.

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Seductive patchouli is often used in perfume and cologne because of its sweet and spicy scent. It is believed that patchouli essential oil is an aphrodisiac, and that it can also ease depression. The earthy, musky aroma can be grounding because of its ability to soothe and calm.

Patchouli essential oil is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which is perhaps why it is used to treat skin conditions. It is believed to have antibacterial properties and could potentially be used topically to help treat blemishes and wrinkles. 

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Peppermint is cooling and refreshing, and can give a quality of cleanliness which is why it is so commonly used in toothpaste. Another believed benefit of peppermint essential oil is related to its cooling properties. It can be used to relieve headaches and other aches and muscle pains. Peppermint’s cooling properties can also be very much appreciated in hot weather.

You can even keep your peppermint essential oil in the fridge to give it added chill. Peppermint can literally clear your head and help to improve mental function. It can clear nasal passages, which is why it can be a great essential oil to include in your self-care if you are sick or stuffed up from allergies. 

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The woody aroma of frankincense can be soothing and stress relieving. It is believed that frankincense may have anti-inflammatory properties. Frankincense essential oil has a clearing quality, similar to peppermint or camphor. This is why frankincense could potentially be used to help lessen cold symptoms, such as nasal congestion.

Frankincense essential oil is also naturally astringent which is why it can be a helpful addition to skin, bath, or even cleaning products. 

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The floral notes of geranium essential oil summon visions of spring and summer gardens, and ease stress and tension. Geranium essential oil has an uplifting scent that invigorates the mind and improves mental function. I

t is believed that geranium essential oil has anti-inflammatory, as well as potentially antibacterial properties. It could be beneficial to integrate geranium essential oil into your bath and skincare routines to treat acne. 

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Stimulating rosemary is believed to clear the mind and increase alertness. It has been believed for thousands of years that rosemary helps the memory but this is now actually in preliminary stages of being tested. Rosemary essential oil can also ease stress, making it a fantastic scent to employ for a big meeting or exam.

Rosemary has long been believed to be magical, and was thought to have protective qualities. One added benefit of the bold aroma of rosemary essential oil is that it may be used as a natural bug repellent. 

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The bright, fruity aroma of bergamot is most recognizable from Earl Grey tea, but bergamot is also a popular ingredient in perfume. Bergamot essential oil can soothe anxiety and uplift the mood, and because of this uplifting quality, bergamot essential oil could potentially help to alleviate depression.

Bergamot is even believed to have some ability as a pain reliever. As with other citrus oils, it can cause sensitivity if applied topically before direct and extended sun exposure.

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Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil is known to soothe and calm with its sweet scent, and is even believed to have sedative qualities. It may be helpful in treating irritability. Clary sage essential oil can boost spirits, and be used to build confidence. It has also been known to relieve stress.

Topically, it is believed that clary sage essential oil can reduce inflammation and minimize skin redness. Clary sage essential oil is also known for its soothing properties, and is believed to soothe aches, pain, and headaches. 

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Sweet Orange 

Sweet orange is an uplighting and invigorating essential oil. The bright citrus scent banishes fatigue and lifts the mood, as well as calming anxiety. Sweet orange oil is also very beneficial when applied topically to the skin. It can help clear and cleanse acne or blemishes, and add an overall brightness and freshness to skin, making it a great addition to bath and skincare. Another powerful benefit of Sweet orange oil is that it can relieve inflammation, which can help calm skin redness, as well as aid in digestion. 

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Cedar Leaf 

Earthy and aromatically woodsy, cedar leaf is a deeply comforting and relaxing essential oil that is said to bring mental clarity and relax the body. Cedar leaf oil is astringent making it a great addition to a facial cleanser or bath soak. Cedar leaf oil is also naturally antiseptic and fungicidal, and can even be used to deter insects. Cedar leaf essential oil is also said to be very beneficial in terms of stimulating hair growth. In aromatherapy, cedar leaf oil is believed to be grounding and soothing, summoning through its woodsy scent the calm of a quiet forest.

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