Learn about the oils we use at Yarrow Valley Essentials

 Many of our products are made with oils that are designed to moisturize and nourish your skin. We only use natural oils in any of our products, never anything synthetic or artificial.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is renowned for its moisturizing and hydrating benefits. Avocado oil is nutritious as well, containing a large amount of vitamin C, as well as other vitamins and nutrients like potassium. Not only are these vitamins and minerals believed to stimulate collagen production, they are also the key ingredients that make avocado oil so nourishing for treating a sunburn. In particular, avocado oil is also said to alleviate acne and eczema. Nutritious and moisturizing avocado oil can also minimize bags under the eyes, hydrate the skin, and add potent antioxidants to your skin regime.  

Jojoba Oil 

Jojoba oil is highly beneficial to the skin and makes an excellent moisturizing ingredient in skin care and bath products. Jojoba oil is naturally anti-inflammatory which can help with a variety of skin issues from redness and puffiness, to drying, cracking, or chaffing. This anti-inflammatory ability makes jojoba oil especially helpful in treating dry hands, and moisturizing dry or peeling cuticles. Vitamin E and B-complex are naturally present in jojoba oil and add to its healing abilities, helping to prevent premature aging while moisturizing. 

Almond Oil 

Almond oil is incredibly moisture rich, as well as being nutrient rich. While of course helping to treat dry skin, almond oil is also known to reduce puffiness and improve complexion and skin tone, by alleviating acne symptoms, and minimizing the appearance of scars. Almond oil is also highly emollient which means that it locks in moisture in the form of water, moisturizing and plumping skin, minimizing the appearance of sun damage and wrinkles.

Shea Butter 

Shea butter is derived from the nuts of the shea tree and is renowned for its soothing and conditioning qualities. Shea butter also contains important nutrients and vitamins, in particular vitamin A and E which increase the antioxidant levels of shea butter, making it a fantastic ingredient to fight premature aging of skin. Not only does shea butter contain antioxidants, it is also considered to be naturally antifungal and antibacterial. It can be very beneficial to the skin as it stimulates collagen production, as well as the regeneration of cells which can minimize the damaging effects of aging on our skin. 

Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa butter comes from the cocoa bean, and while it is used in the making of chocolate, it is also an incredible ingredient to add to face and body products. Cocoa butter is a rich moisturizer as it contains a high concentration of fatty acids. Once applied, it forms a barrier, locking in moisture and thus preventing your skin from drying out. One of the most alluring things about cocoa butter is its delicious, mildly chocolate-y aroma. Cocoa butter may actually slow the aging process by protecting the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. As well as hydrating, it can also improve skin’s elasticity. 

Local Beeswax 

Beeswax can have powerful benefits for the skin, as it can form a protective layer that seals in moisture without clogging pores. Honey is famously antibacterial, and so is beeswax, which is another beneficial quality that beeswax brings to skin and body products.

At Yarrow Valley, we source our beeswax locally from Planet Bee in Vernon, BC, which has been family owned and operated since 1997. Planet Bee champions biodiversity as well as sustainability, and their beeswax is fully natural, unfiltered, and 100% Canadian. 

Vitamin E Oil  

Vitamin E oil is nourishing and soothing, and is believed to add a healthy glow to the skin. In particular, vitamin E is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce redness and swelling, making vitamin E application an excellent treatment for a sunburn. The ability of vitamin E to speed healing is also why it can be such a potent treatment for burns or skin irritations. Vitamin E can also help your skin to hold onto moisture better, thus improving the absorption of other moisturizing elements.