Origin Story

About HeadSpace Babes

HeadSpace Babes is a community of anxious, stressed out, depressed and overwhelmed babes from around the world... we're a lot of fun though, I promise!

What began as a small side hustle selling essential oil rollers to help with insomnia, has grown into a digital family of people who share similar experiences with mental health, and prefer to lighten the load with humour and sarcasm. 

HeadSpace Babes is me but it's also you. A HeadSpace Babe is anyone who wants to talk about self care and feelings, who cares deeply about preserving the planet, and who is interested in learning and engaging with others. We're all babes here, and we're super excited to have you along for the journey. 

And we are not experts, by the way. We're just a couple of Canadians stumbling through our own struggles - but publically analyzing it using  on Instagram and Facebook. Times are tough, and we believe that things are easier when we are in a group of like minded souls. 

About Us

This community and business began in 2017 at our kitchen table, where a tired and anxious version of myself decided to make her own sleepytime essential oil blend to have available bedside. She didn't have trouble getting to sleep, but often woke up in the middle of the night with a very busy mind. This effected both members of the relationship, and many nights of deep sleep were lost. 

The business began as a way to share a solution with others that may also be dealing with sleepless nights, or tired afternoons. The essential oil blends soon expanded to include up-lifting and recharging blends, and for the first year of our business we focused mainly on handmade essential oil products. 

Then we noticed that our small community on social media were not just bonding over a love of aromatherapy, but instead over a shared experience with anxiety, stress, depression and other things that are far more common than we realized. While we are still a business, we began to care more about fostering this community than creating sales.

In the future we plan to expand our products to include items that will help reduce our waste and negative impact on the planet. This is very important to both of us, and feel that it will be important to our community as well. We can't wait to share more with you soon.

Thanks for being here, 

R & K